It’s always sunny in Philadelphia season 8 Episode 11

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia season 8 Episode 11 | Watch It’s always sunny in Philadelphia season 8 Episode 11

What originally was supposed to be a private dinner between Mac and Dennis at Guigino doesn’t go exactly as planned when the two notices that the rest of the gang is also in attendance.Previously on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8 Episode 8 “Charlie Rules the World”, After slipping into an unhealthy obsession with computer games, The Gang wrestles to define the difference between the real and the virtual worlds. On this week’s Episode title “The Gang Dines Out”, What originally was supposed to be a private dinner between Mac and Dennis at Guigino doesn’t go exactly as planned when the two notices that the rest of the gang is also in attendance.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, often abbreviated as Always Sunny, or simply just Sunny, is an American independent sitcom that premiered on FX on August 4, 2005. New episodes continue to air on FX, with reruns playing on Comedy Central, general broadcast syndication, and WGN America—the first cable-to-cable syndication deal for a sitcom. The show was created, developed, and produced by Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day, all of whom star in the show. The series follows the exploits of “The Gang,” a group of self-centered friends who run Paddy’s Pub, a relatively unsuccessful Irish bar in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The series follows “The Gang,” a group of five depraved underachievers: twins Dennis Reynolds and Deandra “Dee” Reynolds; their friends Charlie Kelly, Ronald “Mac” McDonald; and Frank Reynolds who is Dennis and Sweet Dee’s father.

They run the dilapidated Paddy’s Pub, a bar in South Philadelphia. They are dishonest, egotistical, selfish, greedy, unethical, lazy, manipulative, deceitful, hypocritical, vain, narcissistic, petty, overly competitive, childish, nihilistic, vengeful, arrogant, and are often engaged in controversial issues. Episodes usually find them hatching elaborate schemes, conspiring against one another and others for personal gain, vengeance, or simply for the entertainment of watching one another’s downfall. They habitually inflict mental, emotional and sometimes physical pain. They regularly use blackmail to manipulate one another and others outside of the group. Their unity is never solid; any of them would quickly dump any one of the others for quick profit or personal gain regardless of the consequences.

Almost everything they do results in competition among themselves and a considerable amount of the show’s dialogue involves the characters arguing or yelling over one another. Despite their lack of worldly success, the people in the Gang generally maintain high opinions of themselves and display an often obsessive interest in their own reputations and public images. Despite this high sense of self-worth, the Gang often has little sense of shame when attempting to get what they want and will often engage in activities which others would find humiliating, disgusting, or even preposterous, such as smoking crack cocaine in order to qualify for welfare, seducing a priest, or hiding naked inside a leather couch in order to spy on someone.

Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia carries a TV-MA rating due to strong language, sexual content, occasional racial epithets, and drug references. I absolutely love this show! I am just hoping that it can keep viewers so it can remain on t.v. a long time. It is the funniest show I think I have ever seen. The humor maybe a little too much for some… but it is very relatable in a quirky way. The show first caught my eye with the episode: “Charlie wants an abortion”. After watching, I just wanted more and I told everyone about it. The show uses a lot of twisted humor, but each episode has a moral story to play out. The characters are excellent and the actors are perfect for this type of show. It kind of reminds me of “Friends”, but way better. this show, you will be hooked!

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